Recommended to join the Society at her first Swanwick by the late Daphne Moss and Betty Terrmar, Bradley became a member in 1987. Voted onto the Council in 2003, she was Minute Secretary for a year, after which she became responsible for outings. Prior to the publication of her first book, The Apothecary's Gift, Bradley had a number of short stories published, and had achieved success in competitions both in the UK and abroad, including a recent Highly Commended Award at The Wincheter Conference for her short story, It’s all in a name. Her second novel, To Thine Own Self, a historical novel set in the Commonwealth period, was published by matador in 2012, and in a complete departure, she recently published a crime novel Pas de Deux for a Cop on Kindle at Amazon. Apart from fiction writing, Bradley has worked professionally as an editor, a proof reader, and a reviewer of both fiction and non-fiction.