I am a freelance journalist, with aspirations of becoming a best- selling novelist! At school, I was never, what you might call academic, but I can remember once accompanying my parents to an open evening. "Your daughter will be a writer!" announced my form teacher, much to my amazement. It wasn't until I was married and had two children that I embarked on a correspondence course with the Writing School. My original dream of seeing my stories published in women's magazines was quickly forgotten, however, when I had an article accepted by a local magazine. The actor, Geoffrey Palmer, had been a near neighbour at one time and so he was my very first interviewee, the subsequent feature appearing in a local newspaper. My writing journey had begun. Over the years, I have written many feature articles for national magazines such as Yours and My Weekly. These were mainly celebrity profiles, although, as a nature lover, there have also been a few natural history- themed pieces along the way, too. I enjoy writing poetry, which I consider to be a wonderful discipline for any writer, and I also edit the Inspector Morse Society's newsletter, Endeavour. Book-wise, I have ghost-written the autobiography of the late Carry On star, Jack Douglas, A Twitch in Time. More recently, I have ghost-written a book on behalf of one of Sir Norman Wisdom's ex-personal assistants, Ann Axe. Pitkin's P.A. My Life with Sir Norman Wisdom, has just been published by Lily Publications and I feel extremely honoured and proud to be associated with this delightful project. I am about to start work on my novel, Gold Digger, which is set in Snowdonia. So, watch this space…. .